Troy Martial Arts FAQs

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July 12, 2024
  • Students can attend unlimited classes weekly
  • Most students attend 2-3 classes per week
  • 12+ professional certified instructors
  • Register today, pick up your free full uniform
  • Start your classes any day, whenever ready
  • Many class timings available, 6 days a week
    • Age 5-10: 26 classes per week
    • Age 11-15: 25 classes per week
    • Adults: 24 classes per week
    • Family: 24 classes per week

Expires: July 12, 2024

4 Week Special

Students can attend unlimited classes weekly; Most students attend 2-3 classes per week; 12+ professional certified instructors; Register today, pick up your free full uniform; Start your classes any day, whenever ready; Many class timings available, 6 days a week

Age 5-10: 26 classes per week
Age 11-15: 25 classes per week
Adults: 24 classes per week
Family: 24 classes per week

How many classes can we take weekly?

While students can take an unlimited number of classes weekly, and have classes every day (except Sunday), we recommend only taking 2 regular classes per week, and 99% of the school does 2 classes per week. Any more, you take a chance on burnout, which is not good. We also allow only 1 sparring class per week.

Students participating in sparring will usually attend 1 regular class, and 1 sparring class per week, but there are some that will do 2 regular classes and 1 spar class, which is good also.

How often do we have Belt Promotions?

Color Belt Promotions are once per month, usually the second Saturday of the month.

The entire 10 step process to determine who advances to their next belt is located on the General Rules on the back of your hardcopy schedule, or on the Troy Martial Arts app.

If we register for the belt promotion, and miss it, what happens?

Students who miss the promotion can either choose to receive their new belt in their next class, or simply wait until the following month to attend the promotion. Your choice.

How does Sparring Class work?

Students can start sparring any time they choose. We have 5 year old white belts that start on their first day, so you are never too early.

Most students will start after they receive their Yellow or Sr Yellow belts. It is not mandatory until you enter Black Belt classes.

You can attend 1 sparring class per week only.

All students must purchase a bag of equipment before they start.

The equipment MUST be purchased from Troy Martial Arts, and the cost is $189 for female, and $199 for male.

The equipment is all WTF Taekwondo certified.

How do we get the Troy Martial Arts Camera’s on our phones?

The instructions for downloading the WYZE AMAZON Cameras on your phone are posted in the Office.

We have 3 cameras that always run during classes, so parents can watch from anywhere.

How do the Tournaments work at Troy Martial Arts?

We have 2 Troy Martial Arts Tournaments each year, usually in March and September.

These tournaments are for TMA students only. Tournaments are split into 2 different Saturdays.

Usually, the first Saturday is for 5-10 year olds, and the second Saturday is for 11 year olds to adult.

We have about 24 Instructors, junior instructors, and judges who help run the tournament.

The tournaments have 2 events, Poomsae and Sparring. Everyone in the school enters the Poomsae (forms) competition, and only those who attend sparring class are allowed to enter the sparring tournament.

For the Poomsae tournament, students are always matched up according to age, male/female, and belt color.

All students receive either a 1st place or 2nd place trophy for the Poomsae competition. The student gets called up, performs their poomsae, and the judges will choose 1st and 2nd place, and present trophies.

For sparring, as well, all students receive trophies, and spar in a bracket format.

Males and females have separate sparring brackets, as well as being separated by age (5-7, 8-10, 11-15, and Adult).

The schedule can be seen on the Annual Calendar.

Everyone in the school pays the same price for the tournaments ($75), and there are family discounts.

You can do either Poomsae or Sparring or Both, you only pay one price for everything.

As the tournament approaches, we will spend time showing the students how it works, and practicing.

We also participate in other tournaments outside the school, including the Michigan State Championships every spring.

If you are interested in this, see Mr Trudeau. We send a team to tournaments, with coaches, and do very well traditionally.

This also includes the National Tournaments that are held in July annually, in other States.